January Update|BIG changes coming

A belated Happy New Year! For me, I feel like the new year just started because this was the last week at my part-time job! I loved working at that little accessory shop for so many years, but now it’s time for me to focus on what I longed to do since I came here […]

December Update|Christmas Time!

November was so COLD and RAINY, it started off just like I remember my favorite month and then it turned into February. Sure, it’s usually colder and has a few more rainy days than the summer months before but between there’s supposed to be a fair amount of wonderful sunny days with the temperature just right. […]

November Update |Winter is Coming

The end of October brought two typhoons that quickly cooled down the island for a while and Manta season ended early to the disappointment of many divers. However, the weather is still warm enough to comfortably enjoy Ishigaki’s beaches with temperatures around 25-30°C! The water temperature is also around the same so there is still […]

October update|Still Hot Like Summer

I can’t believe another month has gone by already! Looks like we’re in for another hot autumn in Ishigaki with summer temperatures both in the air and in the water. Great weather for diving! Not so good for tasks that require brain activity. Does anybody else have a brain that goes into meltdown when the […]

September Update|Where To Stay?

Another busy month has gone by, but guess what? I found time to make a new page anyway! Yay! Ever tried to plan a vacation just to end up feeling disoriented by all the choices? That you can’t decide which hotel is better because you haven’t even figured out which area would be the most fun to […]

Transportation|New Page!

I finally got the very much needed “getting around” (transportation) page up! You can find useful links and advice on how to get around the island (HINT a rental car makes it super easy!) Of course, there are many other options to get around the islands as well. I really recommend anyone visiting Ishigaki to […]

August Update|High Season

The high season really took off in July! The Japanese school holidays started at the end of July and I’ve been busy both at my part time job and at Viking Scuba – super fun, super exhausting. We also had some really fantastic weather this month with the sea looking like one big sparkling mirror […]

July Update|OMG it’s Busy!

Remember the online booking campaign for Viking Scuba Kabira I wrote about in my last monthly update? We’ve gotten so much response on it that I’ve been spending much more time than usual answering emails and going out diving with customers! Of course, both Toyo and I are super happy ^_^ However, between that and […]

June Update|Start of Manta Season

Hey Guys! I’m really feeling super excited about this month! If you’ve seen my Mount Omoto post, you know that you can now get featured on Visit Ishigaki’s Instagram by tagging #visitishigaki. I really want Visit Ishigaki to not just be about me, but a place featuring your travel experiences as well. There are some more plans […]

May Update|Hopeless Time Optimist

Hey Guys! I’m sorry I haven’t added much new content recently, I have to confess I’m a hopeless time optimist. Last month I started to make a schedule and plan my days, and it was a LOT worse than I ever could imagine! Most tasks I planned took about twice as much time. And then I’ve been […]