June Update|Start of Manta Season

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I’m really feeling super excited about this month! If you’ve seen my Mount Omoto post, you know that you can now get featured on Visit Ishigaki’s Instagram by tagging #visitishigaki. I really want Visit Ishigaki to not just be about me, but a place featuring your travel experiences as well. There are some more plans for getting everyone more involved, but they won’t be happening this month because of all the other new things going on with Visit Ishigaki and Viking Scuba Kabira.

Did you know that Manta season in Ishigaki officially starts in June?
The chance of seeing one is 50/50, pretty good if you ask me! Remember, those are wild animals roaming the big blue so it’s actually quite incredible that we have a place where we can meet up and marvel at them as the circle around the cleaning stations.
To celebrate, Viking Scuba Kabira is doing an online booking campaign with cheaper prices on our homepage! Go check it out and get some new dives logged while you’re here ^_^

Of course, I’ll also be adding a few new pages. A lot of people ask me “where should I stay?” and the answer is: “depends on how quiet you like it”. Ishigaki may seem like a small island but, especially if you don’t have a car, some areas are quite remote. On the other hand, the city is a fairly busy place. An accommodation guide is coming to help you choose and, fingers crossed, you’ll be able to find a favorite hotel right on the page!

For those of you who won’t be renting a car, a public transportation guide is coming up. I’ll also be adding a snorkeling guide 🙂

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