May Update|Hopeless Time Optimist

By May 4, 2017 No Comments

Hey Guys!

I’m sorry I haven’t added much new content recently, I have to confess I’m a hopeless time optimist. Last month I started to make a schedule and plan my days, and it was a LOT worse than I ever could imagine!

Most tasks I planned took about twice as much time. And then I’ve been like: “Yeah, I have time to vacuum clean on my 10min break.” It takes more like 20min, including getting the kittens toys out of the way…
Then, there are all those small distractions in between. Like customer emails that need to be answered; like that OTHER page I suddenly got inspiration for and spent an hour fixing with; like my lunch boxes and laundry. It’s crazy how all those little things add up!

Here I thought I was pretty organized, but there is definitely more need for meditation and realistic scheduling focusing on one page at a time. Next week I’ll be heading to Osaka on my days off, but after that I’ll try to tame this wild time-optimistic beast!


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