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Yaeyama Soba

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yaeyama soba

Delicious bowl of Yaeyama Soba from Kabira Koen.

Yaeyama Soba is one of the most famous traditional dishes on Ishigaki and the Yaeyama islands. A hot warming treat in wintertime, and a replenishing broth in summertime.

This soba is very different from the one that you usually get on the Japanese mainland, it’s made of flour instead of buckwheat and reminds me more of Ramen than Soba. This is a true local variety since even the noodles have a different shape compared to the ones served on Okinawa main island. It wouldn’t surprise me the least if there were some differences between the islands to be discovered.

The broth is made from skipjack tuna, pork bone broth and Konbu (seaweed). The taste is quite mild but you can spice it up local style by sprinkling on some Island pepper and adding Awamori-Chili condiment. It is traditionally served with strips of pork, green onions, and fish cake.

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