OMG I can’t believe it’s May already! If you read my last update from February I guess you must be wondering what happened. Where are all the new pages and cool updates?

I’m so sorry I couldn’t deliver on that promise, the truth is I went back to Sweden for holiday and got a really bad cough. So I spent almost 3 weeks trying not to cough my lungs up and had a fever that kept coming and going. Then, when I finally got well, easter and April happened! It’s been amazing how much diving I got to do the last month, so much fun! I’m so happy that so many choose to come diving with Viking Scuba Kabira after their skiing holidays or, for quite many, working holidays. I met so many awesome people and got thrown into work very quickly. We didn’t count on April to be this busy! Now, since I’ve been sick my body was not prepared for this at all in other words — I’ve been totally exhausted.

The truth is that I been having muscle pain all over, taken one-hour naps midday and then slept 9+ hours straight throughout the nights most of April. I’ve been feeling like a zombie on my days off… and it’s been really hard to find the energy to sit down and figure out where to even start working. Now, I finally start feeling back on track right in time for Golden week!

As much as I wish that I could, I’m just not in a place where I can possibly bring a consistency to the updates. I have no clue how much I will go diving this month and it makes it really hard to plan. Planning is also something I’ve been quite bad at when it comes to this site and I’ve kind of just crammed in as much as possible here and there when I had the time. Not only is this stressful for me, it’s probably also not the quickest or best way to get anything done.

So for now, I’ll keep Instagram going with two updates a week, make sure the calendar is up to date, and post these monthly updates. Hopefully, I will also have time to write a new page or two this month but it all depends on how much I’ll be diving. Not to mention I have some technical updates that need to be done before that.

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