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December Update|Christmas Time!

By December 6, 2017No Comments

November was so COLD and RAINY, it started off just like I remember my favorite month and then it turned into February. Sure, it’s usually colder and has a few more rainy days than the summer months before but between there’s supposed to be a fair amount of wonderful sunny days with the temperature just right. Not this year I guess…
I’m still trying to finish the Ishigaki city guide but, because of the weather, I haven’t managed to get any good pictures. It looks like it will be a bit more sunny from now on so, fingers crossed, it will be completed soon.

Enough about November, December is all about Christmas!
Does your country have Christmas cake? I was so surprised by them when I came to Japan because in Sweden this is not a thing at all. We eat gingerbread cookies, a hard candy called”knäck”, candy canes and plenty of other sweets but no cake. Cakes are for birthdays, or so I thought until I moved here. Japan has it’s very own take on Christmas that, besides presents to the kids, also includes dinner dates at KFC.
It’s a bit weird sometimes but you have to respect the Japanese custom of cherry-picking the best bits of traditions they like and celebrate them in their own way. The world would be a much more peaceful place if we all could just adopt all the fun parts of other countries cultures and cheerfully integrate them.

Being a Swede, I sometimes have a hard time finding that Christmas feeling on the tropical island of Ishigaki. But this year, I will go out and look for it! Be sure to follow me on Instagram to check out where to find Christmas illuminations and that wintery feeling in Ishigaki ^_^

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