July Update|OMG it’s Busy!

By July 1, 2017 No Comments

Minutes are like a school of small slippery fishes!

Remember the online booking campaign for Viking Scuba Kabira I wrote about in my last monthly update?
We’ve gotten so much response on it that I’ve been spending much more time than usual answering emails and going out diving with customers! Of course, both Toyo and I are super happy ^_^

However, between that and the need to renew my visa… I haven’t had much time for this page (or Instagram) and all the exciting things that are still going on with it! I’ve really been trying, and I feel more than a little disappointed myself for not being able to fulfill all the promises and also super frustrated because time feels like this slippery wet fish I just can’t hold on to no matter how much I try.

That’s why I won’t be making any promises this month because looking at the calendar, I can tell it will be super busy already! I will do my best to get the transportation page and accommodation page up because that’s something many people ask about.



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