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[nectar_dropcap]F[/nectar_dropcap]ebruary is here and I finally finished re-making the homepage. How do you like it?
It took me a lot longer than I thought, which shouldn’t really be a surprise since I’ve been doing the job of a web designer, graphic designer, photographer, and content writer all by myself. And it has been so much fun!
I confess that it probably took a bit of extra time because I played around with the settings. But have you noticed that when you’re waiting for a page to load the swirling circle now has the color of the emerald blue ocean? I just LOVE to make small details like that! Not having any experience or the know of how to do things is no excuse for not trying to do them properly I say ^_^ However, I do hope that someday I can get a theme to work with and bring everything to the next level.

Of course, when I said that I finished re-making the site I didn’t mean that there’s nothing left to do. There is SO MUCH left to do! But for now, at least I squeezed all the old content into a new and more user-friendly format. This month I will continue to iron out the kinks still left. Please, let me know if anything isn’t working or if you have a suggestion for the site.
I’ll also update some of the old content. The event page is going to get a total makeover so that it will be easier to find out when festivals and other events are happening. Until I get that sorted, you can follow Visit Ishigaki on Facebook to see what events are coming up.

New pages and guides will start popping up in March, I wanted to start making new ones this month but re-making the site has taken so much more time than I thought. I’m also going back to Sweden a few weeks at the end of this month so… let’s face it, it’s not going to happen.

Do you have any request for a guide or other information helpful for traveling in Ishigaki? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by!


  • James says:

    How is the weather there at the end February? i’m thinking of visiting but heard the water is kinda chilly and it rains quite a bit too.

    • Anna says:

      Hi James, what you heard is true. Right now we have gorgeous sunny weather, but that could quickly change in a couple of days. Water temperature is the coldest around this time of the year. You can check the climate page (under “good to know”) for more details about weather, I just updated the page to make it more comprehensive.
      Hope that helps!

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