September Update|Where To Stay?

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Another busy month has gone by, but guess what? I found time to make a new page anyway! Yay!

Ever tried to plan a vacation just to end up feeling disoriented by all the choices? That you can’t decide which hotel is better because you haven’t even figured out which area would be the most fun to stay in? Don’t worry, if you’re planning a trip to the Yaeyama islands I got you all covered ^_^

I’ve written a handy guide to the three main areas of Ishigaki island plus Taketomi and Iriomote island. You can find summaries of all the areas with some pros and cons so that you can decide which location fits your vacation best. Maybe you like the comfort of the city, or do you want to go on a wild adventure? Peace and quiet?
Ishigaki might be a small island, but there is certainly no lack of choices! There’s something for everyone to enjoy and I hope my guide will take some stress off planning your vacation.

There are even handy links to‘s site to the different areas to make it easy for you to find a hotel.
Why “booking”? Because it’s the site that I personally use when I go traveling and I find it user-friendly and safe to use. They also happened to have the widest range of hotels in Ishigaki and the surrounding Yaeyama islands.
You might wonder if I get any commission from promoting their site, the answer is yes, and “” is the one paying. Which means that you will still get the lowest price with their best price guarantee and the hotels don’t get any additional charge compared to using the original site. If you haven’t booked your accommodation yet and want to support me in building this site, I would really appreciate you using the links.

Hope everybody is safe after the typhoon and thanks for stopping by!



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