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Summer has come to Ishigaki!
The rainy season is past and from now on we’ll have many sunny days. The fishes know it too and right now there are many tiny baby fishes swimming around the reefs making them extra lively and exciting. Water temperature is also up to a comfortable 28°C.

If you go snorkeling from the beach, make sure to watch out for Habu jellyfishes. Wearing a rash guard or long sleeved t-shirt is highly recommended, they will also protect you from getting sunburnt. Remember that the best way to stay safe on the reef is to not touch it. Things like Cone Shells may look pretty, but they are actually poisonous. Also, always head warning signs about currents. You can read more about safety here.

For a chance to spot the Manta rays, join a tour. Especially recommended for beginners since you’ll have an experienced guide that can show you how to get the best out of your day. But even for experienced snorkelers it’s worth going, not only for the Mantas, but most tours will take you to at least another snorkeling site as well and you’ll get to see the outer reefs of Ishigaki.

I have to confess that I’m really more of a diver than a snorkeler and since I’m mostly on the boat, I haven’t been doing much snorkeling from the beaches here. But I do know that when I went snorkeling off Yonehara, the many healthy corals and abundance of marine life surprised me.

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