Yaeyama Soba

Yaeyama Soba is one of the most famous traditional dishes on Ishigaki and the Yaeyama islands. A hot warming treat in wintertime, and a replenishing broth in summertime. This soba is very different from the one that you usually get on the Japanese mainland, it’s made of flour instead of buckwheat and reminds me more […]

Shisa ⎪ New Page!

Shisa comes in all different sizes and shapes! From the fierce looking traditional Shisa on the roof to the colorful little ones with huge smiles. It is impossible to not love them ^_^ They are originally from China but as with many imported folklore creatures, they have taken on a slightly different role and appearance in […]

Ishigaki fun fact!

Did you know that Ishigaki, or 石垣 as it is written in Japanese, literally means “stone wall”? The name probably comes from the beautiful stone walls that used to make up the streets of Ishigaki, you can still find quite a few of them in the city. But to get a real feel of how the […]