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About Visit Ishigaki

Thank you for stopping by! Visit Ishigaki is an unofficial guide to Ishigaki and the surrounding Yaeyama islands. I’m Anna, your local guide that owns and manages this site. I left Sweden 2009, backpacked throughout Asia and worked as a Divemaster in Thailand and Australia, before settling in Ishigaki 2012. I now run the diving company Viking Scuba Kabira together with my husband.

On Visit Ishigaki you will find updated events, guides, and practical information about Ishigaki and the other Yaeyama islands.


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* All information is provided “as is” and visitors are encouraged to think for themselves. Visit Ishigaki nor its author are in any way responsible for anything (including, but not limited to, misinformation, accidents, inconvenience, charges, the weather, etc.) caused by following the advice on this site.