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Some restaurants and smaller shops don’t accept credit cards so it is best to have cash with you when traveling.

The best place to withdraw money is at Japan Post which has several offices in Ishigaki and also on the other islands. If you need cash at odd hours you can go to Family Mart but they only have stores in Ishigaki city area. You can also find a currency exchange machine inside the Family Mart at the 730 crossing, it accepts major currencies, such as US dollars and the Chinese Yuan
Be aware that ATMs might charge extra fees when withdrawing money.

Charges and withdrawal limits

Always check with your card provider to find out which charges apply to your credit card and if there is a withdrawal limit when taking out money abroad.
Japan Post ATM’s now has an upper withdrawal limit of JPY 50,000/transaction.

Opening times

The main Ishigaki Yaeyama post office ATM is open every day from 8:00 – 21:00. The other smaller offices have different opening times, generally, weekdays 8:45 – 17:30, Saturday 9:00 – 12:30, and closed Sundays.
These are opening times for the ATMs, the postal service has different hours and is closed on Sundays.

Family Mart is open 24H

Map of Post Offices  and Family Marts with ATMs

(Red T= Post Office, blue marker= Family Mart)
The map is showing ATMs in Ishigaki City, zoom out to see the whole island

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