Snorkeling | New Page!

Summer has come to Ishigaki! The rainy season is past and from now on we’ll have many sunny days. The fishes know it too and right now there are many tiny baby fishes swimming around the reefs making them extra lively and exciting. Water temperature is also up to a comfortable 28°C. If you go snorkeling from the […]

Mount Omoto|New Page!

Did you know that Okinawa’s highest mountain is located in Ishigaki? It even has a small waterfall on the way to the top! I would say that this is a really worthwhile adventure if you want to get off the beaten track, especially during the winter months and in the spring. But it can also […]

Taketomi Island ⎪ New Page!

People sometimes ask me for sightseeing advice for Ishigaki. I always answer: “Taketomi island!” This small island is just a short ferry ride away and it’s such a beautiful place with the most relaxed atmosphere. I wouldn’t suggest that you go here to actually do anything more than slush around in your flip-flops and enjoy […]

Uganzaki Lighthouse ⎪ New Page!

This must be one of my favorite spots in Ishigaki. It’s just a small detour on the way to Kabira so I don’t know why I’m not visiting it more often. The scenery changes dramatically depending on the weather, on a sunny day it’s beautifully serene and when the wind blows the waves crashes against the […]

Kabira Kannon Temple

On top of the hill nearby the observation point of Kabira Bay is a small temple. I’m sure you’ve seen it if you ever visited Kabira Bay. But do you know the legend about who built the temple? According to legend, one day a ship had anchored in the bay while waiting for the weather to […]