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Kabira Kannon Temple

By August 16, 2016February 1st, 2023No Comments

IMG_8978On top of the hill nearby the observation point of Kabira Bay is a small temple. I’m sure you’ve seen it if you ever visited Kabira Bay. But do you know the legend about who built the temple?

According to legend, one day a ship had anchored in the bay while waiting for the weather to clear up. A small boy went ashore while the ship was waiting to do some exploration in the nearby area. When he came back to the shore, the ship had sailed without him! The boy prayed and prayed for the ship to come back. Then, suddenly a strong north wind started blowing. The ship had no choice but to come back to the bay because of the bad weather and the boy could go aboard and return to his home in Okinawa. Later in life the boy, who became a monk ,returned to Ishigaki and built the Kabira Kannon temple.